Featured Artist: Jeff Gold

jeff_goldWhen selecting music for airplay on PCR, I often find myself torn between my two favorite instruments – piano and guitar.  It’s not often I hear them come together in a single piece of music.  Then I recently discovered the amazingly beautiful music of Jeff Gould, and found more than I had bargained for.  Jeff is nothing short of a master on the 12-string guitar.  which is often featured prominently on his recordings.  He doesn’t stop there, however.  Many of his songs also feature piano along with an occasional cello, flute, and other instruments.  Together, Jeff has founded sound that is a very welcome addition to the PCR music library.

Jeff composes and arranges all of his music, and plays all of the instruments heard in his recordings.  He also does his own mixing, editing and mastering; skills he perfected as a television editor for shows like MTV’s Making the Video, Baywatch, MadTV and The Office.

Jeff is a contributing writer and music adviser to EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT resorts, located throughout Europe and Asia, researching and writing articles on the physical, mental and therapeutic effects that are possible with music.  He has also teamed up with hypnotherapist, Janet Montgomery to produce seven guided imagery CD’s for “The Live Well Series.” Topics include sleeping soundly, stress management, and coping with cancer treatment.

Jeff has released three CD’s, Simple Treasures in 2012, Escapes in 2009 and Soul of a Mountain in 2006; each one a soothing and relaxing collection of melodies featuring beautifully arranged acoustic guitars, piano, strings and flutes.

I am pleased to welcome the multi-talented Jeff Gold to Peaceful Currents Radio as our October Artist of the Month.