Featured Artist: Patrick Curtin

Patrick CurtinFor September, I am pleased to welcome Patrick Curtin as our Featured Artist on Peaceful Currents Radio.  This also serves as a debut for Patrick in our music rotation, with his just released (August 5, 2015) EP, Guitar Tales.  An adventure into alternate tunings, percussive harmonics, skillful finger picking, and modes of faraway places, Guitar Tales is an album I immediately took to.  If his name sounds familiar, it may be because his wife, Joey Curtin (whose piano compositions are also featured on PCR), is producer on the EP.

Patrick Curtin grew up in the foothills of Northern California with his guitar as a constant companion. Primarily a self-taught musician, his biggest influences were Jimmy Page and Leo Kottke. Patrick is always exploring alternate tunings, modes, harmonics, intricate finger picking, and percussive rhythms. His instrumental stories have a sense of adventure. Due to his ancestry, Patrick plays with the passion of an Irishman and the beauty of an Italian painter.  His music has taken him on travels throughout Europe and Asia.

We are pleased to welcome Patrick Curtin as our September Featured Artist, on Peaceful Currents Radio.