Listening To PCR

There are several ways to enjoy listening to Peaceful Currents Radio, from right here inside your web browser, to your mobile device on-the-go, to streaming media devices in your home, office or business environment.  Here are just a few ideas:

Listening via your computer

Perhaps the easiest way to listen is right here inside your web browser. Simply click on the big “Listen Now” button above, or on the main page of our site.  That will launch the website player in a new window, which also shows the last few songs played. You may leave that window open while you browse PCR, or other sites, then simply close the player window when you’re done listening.

Listening via your mobile device

pcr_mobile_appYou may also listen on-the-go via one of our mobile apps, developed by Nobex Technologies.  Apps are available for ios, Android and Blackberry mobile and tablet devices.  Using the app, you will be listening to our high-quality, low bandwidth AAC+ audio stream, ensuring the finest listening experience while remaining easy on those mobile minutes!

The app also features a listing of recently played songs on PCR, along with a sleep timer that automatically shuts off the stream after your preset amount of time.

Click on the icon appropriate for your device, or scan the appropriate QR code with your device to start the download process:


qrcode_app_ios qrcode_app_google_play qrcode_app_blackberry

Listening on other devices in your home or office

There are a number of options for listening in your home or office environment, from stand-alone tabletop radios, to devices that connect to your home entertainment center, “smart apps” via your television or Blu-Ray player and more.  To listen to PCR on these devices, first install the “Tunein” app onto your device, then search for and bookmark “Peaceful Currents Radio” on that app.

Primo-Front-Product_Page-600x600a1-510x510The most popular tabletop radio devices are made by Grace Digital, Inc. They offer a number of models with prices ranging between $150 and $220 USD.

sonosSonos has become a very popular “whole house” wireless music system that offers access to streaming radio, as well as the capability of handling a music collection.  Music can be played in “zones” using separate speakers in each room, with the system capable of delivering separate streams to different zones simultaneously.

roku_3For listening through your existing home entertainment center, Roku makes perhaps the most popular devices.  Other devices include Apple TV, and Chromecast,  Many televisions and Blu-Ray players already come with streaming capability built-in.  In addition to streaming live and on-demand video content to your television, these devices also offer the ability to stream Internet radio, including Peaceful Currents Radio.

New ways to listen are always around the corner!

These ideas and suggestions for listening just scratch the surface, and new capabilities are being developed every day.  In some cases, you will need to add a link to our streaming server from within your device, or add our broadcast to your device’s directory before you are able to listen.  With that in mind, here are the direct web address to our streaming servers:

  • 64K AAC+:
  • 128K MP3: